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Also, this website is a cooking and food blog which established to provide useful cooking techniques, recipes, and promotions for anyone has passion in food and cooking. We consider and present the best tips, tricks, and kitchen gadgets.
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Food and Kitchen Guest Post/ Healthy Guest Post/ Beauty Guest Post

It is great to come up with a new recipe that helps meals become easier and excitier to prepare. And make sure that this is a crowd pleaser. We have a lot of food recipes what are refering from the famous blogs. Also, we present what is the best of tools and machines in the kitchens. When readers need the exact and good information about food and kitchen, they come to with us and our site. Then, they are continuing to come back with us.
We are reaching over 50,000 readers each month for only this catalogues.

Design Guest Post

We give my fans the great suggestions for food and their kitchen space. We are able to specifically guide how to make their food look amazing. And give them ideas and advices to design the kitchen become as wonderful and suitable as they want.


We are happy to partner with your brand for an extended period of time. Advertisements can be placed on our blog’s sidebar as well as promoted through social media. We are open to any ideas you may have as well!

How To Partner

We are concentrating on create informative content what is useful with our fans.
Also, We have just opened more opportunities for partnership by placed advertising
We are not only to accept sponsored content written by us but also to accept content written by yourself. Requestion for both is completely unique. We do not accept content what is copied.

To the content written by us, you don’t have to provide us ideas for sponsored posts or full articles written by you. It’ll save you a ton of time. We’ll write a new article base on our plan and mention your brand in the body of it by pointing a link back to your URL (only if the URL makes sense and relevant to the sponsored article).

To the content written by yourself, you have to provide us full articles which inserted one and just one link back to your URL ( only if the URL makes sense and relevant to the sponsored article).

To Placed Advertising, you have to provide your design what you need to advertise; or you let me know your ideas, and we will design for youself.

Step-By-Step on how to contact us for sponsored content partnership or placed advertising:

  • Send an email to with subject line: AngelicaKitchen – Sponsored Content/Placed Advertising – [Your First Name and Last Name].
    Example: Angelicakitchen – Sponsored Content – Paula Hughes.
  • We receive tons of emails per day, so every email with different subject line will be considered as SPAM and go to our Trash without a thought.
  • In the body, tell us:
    ➡ The purpose you want to become partner with us via sponsored content.
    ➡ Your website, and a list of URLs you want to be pointed back from the sponsored post.
    ➡ Please notice that we will pick only one URL from your list which is the most suitable for the post.
    ➡ We only accept URLs of informative content on your site! Please don’t include commercial or promotional content.
  • We will contact you if all the requirements above are passed.
  • Then we will discuss in detail:
    ➡ The article we would write and its publication date.
    ➡ How we can mention your URL in it.
    ➡ How to make payment (you have to send the payment first, then we will handle the rest)
  • Wait and we will send you a report when the article’s published.