Acne Skin Care

Acne Skin Care
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Consult: Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH

Everyone needs to have a skin care routine every day. In particular, acne skin care routine is neccessary for who are affected by acne. In this routine, they have to have techniques and products that fit their skin. You know, acne skin is very sensitive skin. It is easily irritated with the ingredients found in skin care cosmetics. People with acne should be advised from skin care specialists to be able to create a skin care routine of their own, and appropriate care products.

Acne Skin Care: Dealing With Problem Skin

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When you have acne, you think it’s because you have oily or combination skin. However, both are inaccurate. People with acne should be classified as “problem skin”. There are two types of problem skin for acne skin is sensitive skin and acne skin. Either way, both need a special care process.

You need to look for specialized products for acne. They work lightly on your skin, and their ingredients do not include stimulating chemicals. Hydra-tone and AloeCalm are excellent products for sensitive acne skin.


Diet, nutrition play an important role in treating acne. Some vitamins and minerals are very helpful in healing the blemishes and regenerating the skin. Zinc, vitamins A, C, E and B-complex vitamins are essential to maintaining healthy skin. They are also used to treat acne. Sulfur also helps heal acne. Leeks, onions are foods high in sulfur. Eat often when you have acne.
In addition, you should avoid the following foods: refined sugar and carbohydrates, fatty foods, fried foods, and carbonated soft drinks. These foods do not cause acne, but they can make ance to become serious

Acne Skin Care: The Dos and Don’ts


Wash your face gently twice a day with lukewarm water, pure water or mildly cleanser. The gentle daily facial cleansing will clear the pores, without irritating the skin.

Choose skin care products, natural oil-free makeup products. Most of the meat products contain higher fatty acids than your skin. This causes an imbalance to your skin, a favorable condition that stimulates the growth of acne. However, there are also organic products produced specifically for sensitive skin, or acne skin. But you have to look for them in a lot of products on the market today.


Do not wash your face too many times. Wash your face twice a day only. Acne will get worse if you use a lotion cleanser.
Do not pick, pop, squeeze acne. Because they will hurt the skin more acne, and leave scarring. They can even cause secondary bacterial infections.
Do not smoke. Tobacco smoke is very powerful, damaging all parts of your body. Smoking cures dry skin, causes premature aging and promotes acne development. That is why most smokers look older than they are, and they also have more acne on their face and / or other areas of the body.
Use toners with ingredients that irritate the skin. Toners help cleanse the skin but most toners contain ingredients that are harmful to acne skin like alcohol or acetone. This also causes the same effect as you wash your face too often.
Excessive sunbathing. Someone has told one that sunbathing can help with acne by drying it. Do not believe it. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, only your skin is severely affected and the acne gets worse. However, you should still have at least 30 minutes a day in the sun, from dawn to 10:00 am and 3:00 pm until the sun goes down. This helps your skin to have a good vitamin synthesis, good for the body, and for the skin.

Acne Skin Care: The Cover Up

How to best conceal acne?
You must wash and moisturize the face before cover-up.
Use natural products, organic pigmented products what are contained many pigments. Because the product has more pigment, you will need less cosmetics to cover-up. Try swatching on your hand to make sure they match your skin tone. Concealer suits you as a cream that can cover your skin’s blemishes, but still looks like your natural skin.
Apply cover-up at the most natural bright spot. This will give you a clear idea of the color of the concealer and the color of your skin.

About the Author

Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH is a Doctor of Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist in Houston, TX and Founder / CEO of Oasis Advanced Wellness. Under her leadership, Oasis Advanced Wellness is known and respected as one of the leading companies in providing safe and clean hi-tech natural health and wellness solutions. Because of the need for high-end natural and organic skin care products, Dr. Lanphier has developed Lanique Organics, an all-natural skin-care line which promotes natural health for the skin.