Scalp Acne

Scalp Acne
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Consult: Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH

Scalp acne is a type of hair follicle for the scalp. Every year, millions of Americans are attacked by the disease. Initially, the scalp appears as a small pustule, causing damage to the scalp. Often patients will itch and intense itching.

Acne necrotica is a heavier form of scalp acne. It is also called acne varioliformis or acne frontalis. Acne varioliformis is characterized by severe inflammation. The pelvic layers will be changed to black, leaving a permanent scar. Acne necrotia can appear on the face, back of the neck and other parts of the body.

What Causes Scalp Acne?

There are no definite causes for scalp acne. It is a combination of many factors. As with most types of acne, scalp acne also develops due to excessive oil secretion in the sebaceous glands. Poor scalp hygiene will contribute to acne formation. In particular, the dry skin, peeling off the scalp, is also more likely to cause acne. There are also environmental factors such as sunshine, dirt. Other issues related to: medicine, caffeine, spicy and hot foods.

Preventing Scalp Acne

Keep Clean

First, you should keep your scalp clean, and avoid to be dandruff. You can use mild detergent safely for your scalp; It is best to use organic. Although you will be very itchy, but do not rub or friction your scalp too much, because this will stimulate sebum secretion.

Use Protection

Your scalp must be protected from the sun. When you always remember sunscreen for face and body, you should also pay attention to sunscreen for your scalp. You can use hats or other sun shades, as long as it is convenient for movement.

Eat Your Veggies

A healthy diet will help you get rid of acne. Foods that are organic, low in fat, less spicy, less sweet, more green vegetables really need you if you are a victim of acne. You need to stay away from refined carbohydrates and processed foods.

You should drink full of water because it is very important for your health, especially your skin. Water helps maintain skin moisture and eliminate waste effectively. Water also helps dilute sebum, acne will be more difficult to infect.

Treating Scalp Acne

For acne scars, you need treatment from experts. Focus on keeping your scalp and hair clean, healthy. Especially for oily skin. The oils, or zinc-containing cleansers in the composition can be beneficial.

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Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH is a Doctor of Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist in Houston, TX and Founder / CEO of Oasis Advanced Wellness. Under her leadership, Oasis Advanced Wellness is known and respected as one of the leading companies in providing safe and clean hi-tech natural health and wellness solutions. Because of the need for high-end natural and organic skin care products, Dr. Lanphier has developed Lanique Organics, an all-natural skin-care line which promotes natural health for the skin.