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People get scars all the time; you could be having fun you end up in an injury and then it leaves a scar. For many people, they would not mind if the scar is just in a small location or somewhere you can conceal easily. Things are different when you have it being visible. You might start thinking of treating it or hiding it under your clothes. We get to learn more about scars and how to deal with them.


When it comes to scarring, the dermis, which is the second deepest layer of the skin gets damaged. It could be an injury, burn, picking, or surgery. This damage leads to the formation of a wound. The skin at this point goes into the immediate healing mode as it will try to close up the wound as fast as possible.

The first to form will be the blood clot, and then it is covered to form a scab. The dermis will then work below the scab to repair and rebuild the tissue. Since the skin is trying to heal as fast as possible, the collagen will not always form as neatly as possible. The hasty healing approach is what leads to a scar.

It might take years, but at some point, you will notice the scar has reduced. This is because the skin replaces the messy collagen laid out before.

Types of Scars

  1. Keloids

These are scars that would have a raised form and look puffy. This is because of the dense tissue in the scar. You will also find them being pink or darker than your surrounding skin.

  1. Atrophic Scar

This scar will have a sunken form which is distinct from others. It will always leave you with recessed skin. You could get such type of scar if you had chicken pox at some point while as a kid.

  1. Acne Scars

Battling with acne is not always easy. You often end up with scars. The scars are common with cystic acne. Make sure to get the right treatment to avoid spreading and scarring.

  1. Contracture Scars

You will have this type of scar if a large part of the skin is lost or damaged. This is mostly what you get from severe burns. The skin will then contract as it heals and forming a tight scar. You might also note a shiny skin.

Stretch Marks


If you have been pregnant before, then you know those lovely lines we are talking about. This has made people think only pregnant women can get stretch marks. That is not the case as anyone can get them. It could be due to various reasons.

What Causes Stretch Marks

The cause of having stretch marks comes down to the elasticity of your skin. When the skin is overstretched, then the elasticity is damaged. This is what leads to those lines that are a form of scarring.

Let us say you just got pregnant, the elasticity of the skin will be pushed further. Once you give birth, that is when the lines appear. The same thing works for who gain and lose weight rapidly.

Scars & Stretch Marks