Is Sleeping with Mouth Open Normal? Symptoms, Causes, Effects, Solves

Sleeping with Mouth Open
Angelica Do

Is Sleeping with Mouth Open normal?

Sleeping with mouth open may be a manifestation of sleep dysfunction. This can lead to sleep apnea. It is the best that we should breathe through the nose when sleeping.

Sleeping with mouth open can cause hypoxia. As we all know, nitric oxide is produced in the nasal cavity, and helps increase blood flow, providing oxygen to the lungs. The air is then warmed and moistened in the sinuses of the nose if you breathe with your nose while sleeping. However, when you breathe through the mouth, cold and dry air supplied through the mouth will cause hypoxia.

The tongue does not support the respiratory tract which can be one of the sleeping with mouth open causes. Normally, while sleeping, the tongue will sit on the top of your mouth, which helps to support the throat and respiratory muscles. However, when you sleep with an opening mouth, it is very likely that your tongue falls back into the airways, preventing normal breathing.

Side effects of sleeping with mouth open

It can make your teeth worse. The protective plaque of the teeth and saliva will be removed because the mouth will dry when breathing through the mouth. Tooth decay, dry mouth and lips, bad breath, and tired people can get worse.

Sleeping with mouth open causes

The condition of mouth breathing at night is more likely to occur, and may be due to a number of problems such as allergies, tonsillitis, nasal congestion, or sleep apnea. If you often feel dry mouth when sleeping, you may be suffering from sleeping with moutn open. If you are asking yourself “why do i sleep with my mouth open?”, my advice is to see your doctor for the exact cause and treatment. As I have summarized above, there are many problems that can cause this condition.

However, I think I know a few ways to keep my mouth closed while sleeping. Because I’ve been through it and now I’m sharing with you. However, I still want to be sure again that you need the advice of a doctor rather than just believe in me. As may be, your cause and my cause are different. Okay?

Well, how to stop breathing while sleeping?

What is “Mouth Tape Sleep” ?

Mouth Tape Sleep is known as mouth taping or tape over mouth. Its name sounds scary but it has been successfully used by doctors and clinics for its patients. People use it more and more in the world. At the same time, it does not take long for you to adapt.


You have to deal with sleeping with mouth open, and it is very difficult to keep your mouth closed when you sleep. You just put a “Mouth Tape Sleep” on your mouth before going to sleep. It can help you get rid of sleep disorders, restores and breathing with your nose when sleeping permanently. To reduce anxiety, and help you get used to it, you can take it before bedtime for 20 minutes. Maybe it will fall off during the first few nights because you are used to breathing by mouth. However, you should continue to use, until your body learns new reflexes, and return to breathing with your natural nostril when sleeping.


Note: The method is not suitable for children under 5, who are feeling nausea, or who have been drinking a lot of alcohol.

If you feel uncomfortable breathing in the night, adjust your breathing gently and focus on each breath through your nose. In doing so, you will feel more comfortable.